My Application

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My Application

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:21 pm

Character Name:Iceboy

Character Race:Elvaan

RL Age:16


Best Geared Job:SMN

Merit Points:SMN MP 2, Avatar ACC 5, Avatar ATT 5
DRK HP 1, Scythe 1, Critical Hit 2, Last Resort Recast 1, Last Resort Effect 1, Muted Soul 1
MNK HP 1, H2H 3, Critical Hit 2, Kick Att 3, Counter 1, Penance 2

Rank: 9 San d'Oria

Zilart Mission: Ark Angels

COP Mission:One to be Feared (U/O)

Notable Gear:all kinda bad but ok

Equip's (please post either a picture or type you're normal gear set-up):

Notable Crafts:70 woodworking 51 Goldsmithing

Prior Linkshell:Killaz

HNM Experience:everything but Vrtra

Playing Time:

Dynamis Access: yea

Ventrilo:i got it but cant talk on it for some reason

FFXI Goals:getting better gear and finishing off CoP

Why Remedy: Why not?

About me:Play Soccer


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